V8 Fast Lane – supercharged dinner on the Dark Side

The traditional Fish and Chips, with the currently fashionable curly fries.

How many kindergartens do you know that became a Formula 1 garage? Not many I am sure, but Pattaya has managed it!

On Siam Country Club Road on the left hand side outbound, about 2km before the overpass, look for the sign “V8” (a very famous engine capacity and used exclusively in cars stolen by Clyde Barrow) and you have just found a racer’s wonderland.

At the door is an Aston Martin, as used by James Bond; on the wall there is also a giant photo of Ken Miles in a 7 liter AC Cobra taken at the Lakeside racing circuit in Australia in 1966. On stands is a Formula BMW, which was once the open-wheeled stepping stone for young hopefuls. There’s a Lotus, a Triumph TR3A, several large V8 engined American irons and Big Bikes for the two wheeled brigade. But it doesn’t stop there. It is also an interesting restaurant, so keep reading.

This rather intriguing concept, to have half the large area for a restaurant and half the space as an auto display was the brain-child of Gunter and his partners, and it certainly attracts customers.

An open kitchen runs along one wall leaving seating for the diners on two levels. Capacity is 50 diners and a Skandinavian ambience is pervasive with light colored wood everywhere and there is ample seating for the diners. There is also an al fresco dining area at the front of the building.

The happy service staff understand the importance of their function which makes for a fun evening.

The menu is quite extensive, and it is not expensive. It begins with starters and appetizers including a shrimp and bacon cocktail which was quite sensational and at 199 THB a veritable bargain.

It was a Friday when we carried out our review and one dish we sampled was the traditional Fish and Chips, with the currently fashionable curly fries. The fish was of a good size done in batter, and we enjoyed it.

Pasta lovers are cared for and with most at 179 THB will not stretch the budget. Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti topped with grilled chicken is a favorite.

The burgers and sandwiches were all hefty items with their V8 Beef Burger featuring Australian beef not expensive at 249 THB. The chicken burger is even more of a bargain at 180 THB.

Big ticket items are the imported steaks with most from New Zealand with the lamb chops 639 THB. If you really want to splurge, the NZ T Bone is 600 gm for 1299 THB but the dish of the evening for us was a 500 gm Pork Tomahawk served with Parma ham and overflowing on your table at 569 THB.

Starters included a shrimp and bacon cocktail which is quite sensational.

There is a Thai menu of course with 20 Thai items to choose from and around 149 THB. It is necessary to have a Thai menu but I am personally very wary of chilli and I was pleased that the service girl imparted my (“mai pet”) wishes to the chef who presented us with a traditional stir-fry with the spiciness well under control.

The wines are thoughtfully chosen with both reds and whites around 1,000-2,000. The Primitivo Puglia Pirovano a good solid red. For the local beers, these are 75 THB.

The happy service staff understand just how important is their function which makes for a fun evening, and after all it isn’t every day you can be photographed with James Bond.

The V8 Fast Lane restaurant is well worth your visiting. There are enough items on the menu for you to have a choice and they are amazingly inexpensive. On the evening we did the review we met another restaurateur who had snuck away from his own restaurant and who gave much praise to V8 Fast Lane. Ample parking roadside and behind the building. The hours are 10 a.m. through to 10 p.m. Telephone 099 447 4210, Line V8FASTLANE.

The dish of the evening was a 500 gm Pork Tomahawk served with Parma ham and overflowing on your table.