Pattaya pier pandemonium as vendors clash, multiple injuries reported

Paramedics attend to one of the severely injured vendors following a violent skirmish at Bali Hai Pier South Pattaya, leaving multiple men injured, including a father and son duo.

PATTAYA, Thailand – An argument between vendors erupted into a violent skirmish, leaving multiple people injured, including a father and son duo. The incident occurred at Bali Hai Pier South Pattaya on April 17, as tourists embarked for Koh Larn Island, casting a grim shadow over the bustling pier.

Eyewitnesses recounted how a dispute over territory and customers quickly escalated, culminating in physical violence that resulted in multiple people being stabbed and injured. Hats, sunglasses, shoes, pants, and shirts were strewn amidst the chaos as vendors clashed in a frenzy of aggression.

Among the victims were a father and son, with the father courageously attempting to intervene but ultimately suffering injuries himself in the process. Tourists preparing to depart for Koh Larn Island were left visibly shaken by the unfolding events, highlighting the sudden and alarming escalation of the dispute.

Police investigations revealed four men injured in the skirmish. Despite efforts to gather information from witnesses, fear of reprisal hindered cooperation, underscoring the tense atmosphere prevailing at Bali Hai Pier South Pattaya. Municipal authorities have tried unsuccessfully to address the ongoing disputes among vendors, with tensions simmering beneath the surface and erupting into violence on occasion. Vendors frequently engage in disputes over territory and customers, with conflicts often reigniting shortly after authorities disperse the rival groups.

Police conducted an on-site investigation, identifying the perpetrators and collecting evidence, including witness testimonies and CCTV footage, to pursue legal action. They remain committed to maintaining order and ensuring the safety of residents and tourists alike at Bali Hai Pier South Pattaya, but the challenges posed by entrenched tensions among vendors persist.