Thais fight back against penile discrimination

Yet another world report on manhood sizes has been published.

Thai social media, especially via Tik Tok, have struck back against a British online pharmacy claim that Thai men have the seventh smallest penises in the world. “From Mars” printed research from 86 countries claiming to show – generally speaking – that Caribbean and African countries sport the biggest manhood, so to speak, and Asian countries the smallest. Erect penises fall mainly into the 4 to 6 inches category.

Critics point out that the data is suspect as much of it is self-declared by volunteers who may be prone to exaggeration. Equally, men with small equipment might feel self-conscious and refuse to participate in enquiries. Many Thais on social media have complained that the research is racist or based on colour discrimination. One claimed that the findings were nonsense as the main cause of short penises was childhood circumcision which is not routinely performed in the Land of Smiles.

International research about this sensitive subject goes back to the 19th century when an anthropologist Timothy Laws began asking detailed questions in Latin American cities. However, his findings were never published as his persistent questioning was misunderstood by locals and he was knifed to death on an Argentinian street. During the second world war, propaganda on both sides criticized the sexual potency of their adversaries.

Since then, there have been many attempts to get to the bottom of the matter but without much success. Claims that penis size is related to the size of feet, or of the nose, or even of certain fingers have been propagated but shown to be baseless. The same is true of research trying to demonstrate that national IQ rates are responsible, or even the number of vegetarians in the population.

Unsurprisingly, the Covid era has launched many theories in association with the genital region. There are endless discussions on social media about “long Covid” producing a shrinking manhood with doctors allegedly blaming vascular damage. Believe it if you wish. More scientifically, the International Journal of Urology suggested this year that environmental pollution, notably plastics, could be affecting both penis size and semen production. But nobody really knows.

Indeed, the most likely explanation could well be genetic and based on immediate parentage and ancestry. In the meantime, a contributor on Twitter claims to notice that the type of political system in a country is linked to manhood size. This could give a new meaning to the expression “a hung parliament”.