Pattaya Beach Road closed today for Songkran Water Festival

As the day transitions into night, revellers joyfully engage in Songkran water fights along Pattaya Beach Road, as the annual festival draws crowds from near and far.

Pattaya, Thailand – Today, The Great Wan Lai Pattaya Maha Songkran Festivities will be held throughout Pattaya and the neighbouring communities.

Authorities have taken extra measures to ensure the safety and enjoyment of tourists partaking in the water throwing frenzy along Pattaya Beach Road. From 2:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. the stretch of road spanning from Central Pattaya to South Pattaya will be closed to traffic, facilitating a lively and splash-filled celebration.

This year, with the sun blazing at its peak, revellers, both local and international, have delayed their emergence until the late afternoon to join in the festivities. The allure of cooling off under cascading streams of water along the vibrant beachfront has drawn crowds well into the evening hours.

Beachside bars become epicentres of laughter and merriment as patrons embrace the playful spirit of Songkran, armed with water guns and buckets.

Since April 12, Pattaya Beach Road has been a hub of joyous activity, with tourists from all corners of the globe converging to partake in the exuberant water fights synonymous with Songkran. Beachside bars have bustled with laughter and merriment as patrons engage in spirited water battles to the beat of lively music.

Notably, some festival-goers have gone to great lengths to ensure maximum drenching, with water trucks, motorbikes, and pickup trucks outfitted with water tanks becoming popular vessels for unleashing torrents of water upon fellow celebrants. Consequently, traffic along Pattaya Beach Road has moved at a leisurely pace as revellers embrace the joyous chaos of the occasion.

Motorcyclists navigate through the lively chaos of Songkran celebrations, adding an element of excitement to the water-soaked streets of Pattaya.

A convoy of water trucks joins the festivities, dousing revellers with refreshing splashes of water amid the scorching midday heat.