Pattaya youth educated on do’s and don’ts of video gaming and e-sports

Assoc. Prof. Napon Khunnanitisarn (left) speaks to Mayor Poramet at the launch of the Pattaya Arena High School League, the dynamic realm of video gaming and e-sports.

Pattaya, Thailand Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet, an astute observer of the soaring popularity of online gaming, particularly the thriving world of e-sports, took center stage at Pattaya City School No. 11 on September 8 for the grand inauguration of the “Pattaya Arena High School League.”

This pioneering program stands poised to elevate the understanding of immunity and discipline within the dynamic realm of video gaming and e-sports, shining a spotlight on the ever-increasing fascination young individuals have for this captivating domain. E-sports, a phenomenon that has transformed from a mere pastime into a burgeoning industry, has firmly woven itself into the fabric of today’s youth culture. Recognizing the profound significance of this shift, the city of Pattaya embarked on a resolute mission. It aimed to foster this emerging industry’s growth while vigilantly addressing concerns related to excessive gaming among children and adolescents.

In a visionary stride, the city of Pattaya empowered the Office of Education to collaborate with the esteemed Ministry of Culture and prestigious Sripatum University to forge a formidable Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), a symbol of their unwavering commitment to enhancing immunity and discipline within the video gaming sphere. Their primary objective is to ensure that the youth gain invaluable insights into the expansive realm of E-sports, equipping them with knowledge and skills that can metamorphose into lucrative careers within the gaming industry and its associated fields.

As part of this collective endeavor, the “Pattaya Arena High School League” extravaganza featured enlightening seminars. Assoc. Prof. Napon Khunnanitisarn delivered a thought-provoking session on the “E-sports University-level Curriculum,” while Prof. Pakawat Luepatanasuk fired up imaginations with “From Players to Creators.” These captivating discussions flung open the doors to a world where gaming transcends mere play, encompassing discipline, boundless opportunity, and a brilliantly promising future.

A student explains about the simplistic intricacies of video gaming and e-sports to Deputy Mayor Thitipan Petchtrakul.

This Pattaya Arena High School League aims to elevate the understanding of immunity and discipline within the dynamic realm of video gaming and e-sports, spotlighting the ever-increasing fascination for this captivating domain.