Pattaya travel agent ekes out a living selling ice cream & dairy drinks

Vikrom expertly prepares the special flavor ice cream cones for his customers.

Pattaya travel agents devastated by Thailand’s tourism downturn are scooping up new business making low-fat, low-sugar ice cream and dairy drinks.

Vikrom and Add Malhotra, owners of a travel agency, are now selling Duca’tim ice cream in front of Central Festival Pattaya Beach. Vanilla, chocolate and green tea cones start at just 30 baht.

Vikrom said he launched the business only three months ago because the air ticket agency had very little business due to practically no tourists visiting Thailand. With the business closed for nearly two years, debts were piling up, so he got the idea to sell ice cream, which never goes out of style.

The couple began selling cones at the Pattaya Fireworks Festival and Pattaya Countdown and did well. They plan to work the Pattaya Music Festival next month as well.

Add Malhotra shows off her array of delicious ice cream flavours.

Duca’tim can also cater to children’s birthday parties or other events. People can pre-order 100 cones for 3,000 baht with free delivery.

The Central Festival shop is open daily.

Vikrom and Add aren’t the only Malhotras to jump on the dairy truck. Sister Vicky Malhotra opened her ‘Pung Yen VB Nom Mee’ shop next to Duca’tim at the mall.

She’s offering healthy Bear Brand milk products, such as pink milk, cocoa, coffee, green tea, tea and fruity fresh flavors.

The shop also sells ‘Pung Yen’ cold bread in similar flavors for 40-60 baht.

This boy can’t wait to get his little hands around the Duca’tim ice cream cone.

Vicky Malhotra runs the ‘Pung Yen VB Nom Mee’ and serves the tastiest concoction of milk drinks this side of the Gulf of Thailand.

Customers wait patiently as Vicky churns out her exotic milk drinks.

This happy boy reaches out for his chocolate flavoured ice cream cone as the father looks extremely pleased with the presentation.

Duca’tim ice cream shop and the ‘Pung Yen VB Nom Mee’ milk drinks shops are located in front of the Central Festival Pattaya Beach next to Starbucks.