Pattaya signs academic cooperation agreement to improve healthcare system

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet signed an signed an academic cooperation agreement with Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Phanthongviriyakul, President of Khon Kaen University, Assoc. Prof. Watcharin Kasalak, President of Burapha University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Preecha Jariyawat, President of Mahidol University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Worawut Chaiyawat, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology in Sports of Mahidol University and Mr. Udom Tantisunthorn, Chairman of the Local Governance Promotion Foundation.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Pattaya Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet, signed an academic cooperation agreement with three leading universities and a local foundation to enhance the healthcare system in the city on December 11.

The agreement is part of the “For Better Pattaya” network, a collaborative initiative that aims to improve the quality of life and well-being of the residents and visitors of Pattaya, especially in the areas of health, education, environment, and tourism. The signing ceremony took place at Pattaya City Hall with the participation of Khon Kaen University, Burapha University and Mahidol University. Additionally, the Local Governance Promotion Foundation joined in signing the memorandum.

The agreement aims to foster a holistic development of the healthcare system in Pattaya, by leveraging the expertise and resources of the academic institutions and the foundation. The cooperation will focus on four main aspects: health promotion, disease prevention, medical service, and health innovation. The agreement will also facilitate the exchange of knowledge, research, personnel, and technology among the parties, as well as the development of joint projects and programs that will benefit the public health sector and the community.

The Mayor of Pattaya expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the partners for their support and commitment to the “For Better Pattaya” network. He said that the agreement will help Pattaya achieve its vision of becoming a smart and sustainable city that offers a high quality of life and well-being to its residents and visitors. He also said that the agreement will strengthen the collaboration and coordination among the public, private, academic, and civil sectors in addressing the health challenges and opportunities in Pattaya, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recovery of the tourism industry.

The representatives from the academic institutions and the foundation also expressed their enthusiasm and readiness to work with the Pattaya City Administration and the other partners in the network. They said that the agreement will create a synergy and a platform for innovation and development in the healthcare system in Pattaya, as well as contribute to the national and regional health goals and strategies.

The “For Better Pattaya” network was launched in October 2023, with the aim of enhancing the social and economic development of Pattaya, as well as promoting its image and reputation as a world-class tourist destination. The network consists of various stakeholders from the public, private, academic, and civil sectors, who share a common vision and mission for the betterment of Pattaya.