Pattaya Self Storage marks 10th anniversary of its founding

Suthamma “Mio” Thana together with Kevin and Mathew lead their staff in praying as Buddhist monks chant to bless the Pattaya Self Storage on their 10th anniversary.

Jan Olav Aamlid together with Suthamma Mio Thana and their two sons Kevin and Mathew celebrated the 10th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone for the commencement of the Pattaya Self Storage building a decade ago.

To mark the auspicious occasion, the Aamlid family held a religious ceremony May 24, whereby Buddhist monks from the Djittabhawan Temple chanted prayers and blessed the owners and staff of the company.

The concept of Pattaya Self Storage was the brainchild of Jan Olan Aamlid who spotted a niche in the market when many of his friends would leave their suitcases with him as they returned to their home countries. He visited other storage facilities across South East Asia and incorporated the best of what he’d witnessed, and opened the business in October 2013.

Jan proudly gave our reporter a personalised tour of the operations saying, “Self-storage serves many needs. For some, it’s a place to securely keep personal and business documents, such as land titles, insurance certificates, deeds, legal contracts or birth certificates. For others, it’s a place to put home furnishings while a new house is being prepared or while traveling for extended periods. For a few, it’s simply a place to keep all the extra stuff they’ve collected.”

Jan Olav Aamlid prays as he lovingly watches over his family during the religious ceremonies.

Jan went on to say, “PSS requires no fixed time contract. Customers can rent the space for as long as they want. Rent is paid in advance, usually monthly, although yearly contracts are available. Even these contracts can be canceled without penalty at any time.

“Services also cover everything from packaging supplies, size estimation and transport. Belongings can be discreetly and conveniently stored in deposit boxes, saving them from theft, loss or natural disasters. Safe deposit boxes are kept within a vault, ensuring they are kept safe and protected against life’s unexpected surprises.”

Storage units come in a wide variety of sizes, from simple mailboxes to 1.3 sq. meter walk-in lockers. Other options include deposit boxes in three sizes and drop boxes of up to 15 sq. meters on the ground floor.

The head monk gives a special blessing to Jan Olav.

Access to boxes and lockers is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Customers keep the key and all rooms are secured with fingerprint-scanner locks, preventing even PSS staff from accessing them. The deposit-box’s vault has a floor, ceiling and walls constructed to ensure security and viewing rooms are private.

But PSS is more than about storing stuff. The company also rents studio, one- and two-bedroom units as well as office space.

For more information, call 038-251-120 or visit their website:

Mathew, Kevin Mio and Jan Olav pose for a family photo on the rooftop of their Pattaya Self Storage building.

Jan Olav gives the thumbs up as he proudly shows off his storage facilities.

The Aamlid family together with their loyal and capable staff at the entrance to the PSS building.