Tim Knight elected Pattaya Sports Club President for 2022-23

President Tim Knight (seated 2nd right) and his committee are joined by veterans of the PSC together with our staunch supporters in the community.

The 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Pattaya Sports Club was held at the Diana Garden Resort on June18. The last AGM was held in June 2019 with a two-year hiatus due to Covid restrictions so it was important for this meeting to go ahead.

The President’s reports for the last 2 years from Stan Rees and Tim Knight were tabled along with the Treasurer’s report which summarised the activities of the Club and the financial position which were accepted by the members present. Needless to say the Club has not been immune from the effects of the pandemic in terms of revenue and events held but we are in a position to continue with our core business of promoting sports and supporting local charities and build for the future.

Jaroon Kasemsantithum, Chairman of the Pattaya Sports Club Association Registered Committee thanked the members of the outgoing committee for their stewardship over the past 3 years and then called for nominations for all the vacated seats with the following persons being duly elected into office:

President, Tim Knight, Vice President, Stan Rees, Treasurer, Dick Braimbridge, Secretary, Willem Lasonder, Golf Chair, (TBA), Golf Handicaps, Aidan Murray, Sports Events, Glyn Davies, Social Chair, Dave Smith, Charity Chair, Srinual ‘Noodle’ Russell, Public Relations, Peter Malhotra, Information Technology, Robert Black, Registrar, Geoffrey Couch and Senior Advisor, Bernie Tuppin.

Elective members of the Pattaya Sports Club gathered together at the Diana Garden Resort after a 2-year hiatus to elect a new president and the executive committee for 2022-23.

Various issues were raised from the members mostly focused on the future of the Club in terms of usage of the Clubhouse and the constitutional requirement to retain the elective member system with some very inciteful contributions from our long standing members concluding that the status quo will need to be retained but the new Committee will look into ways of getting more diverse representation into the ranks of the elective members.

In closing the meeting President Tim Knight thanked the members for attending and supporting the PSC. He also thanked our founder member Dick Caggiano and former senior Advisor Nigel Cannon for attending and giving their valuable advice throughout. Registered committee members who attended included, Sopin Thappajug, Supatra Montgomery, Bjarne Nielsen and Egon Nielsen.