10-year-old Chinese-American girl tries walking to Bangkok Airport

A 10-year-old Chinese American girl was seen walking on the railway-parallel road near the Soi Nong Yai intersection on her way to Bangkok International Airport.

A 10-year-old tourist girl who decided to walk from Pattaya to Bangkok to see her mother is safely back with her father.

Phumipat Chaichana, 23, posted a video of himself helping the Chinese-American girl who left her hotel in Jomtien Beach Sept. 27 with a plan to walk to Suvarnabhumi International Airport to fly to see her mother in China because she missed her.

The TikTok video got 2.5 million views and plenty of likes for Phumipat.

The water-delivery man told reporters afterward that he was driving on the railway-parallel road when he spotted the girl near the Soi Nong Yai intersection. He had trouble communicating with her, but convinced her to stop walking as they reached the Highway 7 onramp, which she had intended to enter.

He then called his employers, Jakkrit Onsrisawat, 34, and Pawadee Buranakitti, 28, and police.

The girl was afraid and initially refused to talk to police but eventually opened up to Pawadee and told her tale of missing her mother.

The girl was afraid of police and initially refused to talk. But she eventually opened up to Pawadee and told her tale of missing her mother. So she had mapped out a route and began walking to the Samut Prakan airport.

Police had Pawadee take the girl to the Nongprue Police Station, as she was afraid of the police car, where Tourist Police were contacted. They then reunited the girl with her American father.

Her father called his daughter smart and marveled at her planning ability. The employers praised Phumipat to doing a good deed even if he had to put it online to show off for the world.