Pattaya Prowl: No Vacancies


֍ A year ago, Pattaya’s Walking Street was a mass of for sale and for rent signs. In December 2022 you’ll have trouble finding even one, although the side streets are admittedly less popular. Now that the tills are ringing merrily, expect soon to hear once again about illegal structures jutting into the sea, overhead signs preventing access by fire engines and the threat to pull down the lot. It’s all been going on since 1972.

֍ Sniffer dogs, known as Inspector Beagles, are on duty at Thai airports to intercept smoked bats in luggage. Apparently they are a delicacy.

֍ Wonderfruit music festival, Thailand’s favorite, is back in Pattaya 15-18 December. It’s the first time since the covid pandemic struck.

֍ The cashless society hasn’t yet taken off in Pattaya. A coffee shop on Second Road suggests payment by app but still maintains a tin box for the tips. Oh well.

֍ He’s not balding. That’s follicle regression you see.

֍ On steak restaurants, the nearest you’ll find to New York in Pattaya might well be the T55 New York Grill in the Movenpick Siam at Na Jomtien.

֍ One clue to old age is that your teeth and you don’t sleep together. Another is when you come to the conclusion that weight lifting is the same as standing up.

֍ Pattaya locals are asking what’s the point in having several choices of cinema multiplexes when they are all showing the same movie.

֍ Sexy Soi 6 gets busier every week. The innovative names of some bars and clubs remind customers they in a religious zone. They include Repent and Where Angels Play.

֍ Uzbec and Nigerian prostitutes are back on the Beach Road. Not as many as before the pandemic, but noticeable. Oh well.

֍ According to a local sports commentator, baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.

֍ The main drag on the high season is the lack of staff to deal with the arriving crowds at Bangkok airports. It’s not only immigration officers, but taxi drivers, baggage handlers and the rest in short supply.

֍ Forbes magazine reports that 30 percent of tourists are interested in cannabis-related products. The weed is no longer the domain of just hippies and potheads. It’s mainstream.

֍ When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Could you repeat that please?

֍ Perhaps Pattaya could follow the lead of Las Vegas where alcohol and cannabis can’t be served in the same establishment. Many customers here can’t stand the stench in the bars.

֍ Dolce Vita at the Jomtien Complex offers really good buffets most nights for around 260 baht. Some people eat there every night.

֍ A reader asks where he can rent safety boxes for mail in the Pattaya area. Go to Starts at 375 baht monthly.

֍ You know there’s a problem when you know all the answers but nobody is asking you the questions.

֍ More than 2,300 journalists covered the APEC conference in Bangkok last month. Pattaya Prowl never even got an invite.

֍ It’s sad when you admit your idea of a night out is sitting on the patio.

֍ What could be worse than finding a porn movie in your son’s bedroom? Finding out that you’re in it.

֍ A police report said the cause of a nightclub fire was a faulty electrical circuit, but added that the cause of the conflagration was not known. Again please?

֍ Cannabis flowers are now a controlled substance after an official announcement in the Government Gazette. The difference that has made to weed consumption in Pattaya is ….. zero!

֍ There’s a scam going on in some Pattaya restaurants. You ask for the computerized bill which is given to you. The server then notices an item has been accidentally missed, apologizes and asks you to pay the extra. The extra then goes into the pockets of the staff.

֍ Lots of online advertising now from Lazada and Shopee suggesting you can buy now and pay later or by installments. Obviously, the promotions are aimed at Thai customers, but can foreigners here take advantage? It’s not crystal clear.

Happy Hunting!