Pattaya police ramp up DUI checks for Songkran safety

Pattaya police conduct random inspections for driver’s licenses and other traffic related offences at checkpoints to ensure road safety during the Songkran Festival.

PATTAYA, Thailand – As the Songkran Festival is in full swing, Pattaya police heightened security measures by implementing alcohol checkpoints to ensure road safety during the seven-day celebration. The initiative, which began at in the late hours of April 11, aims to curb traffic accidents caused by drunk driving.

Traffic Inspector Pol. Lt. Col. Phanupong Nimsuwan said, “The checkpoint, strategically located at Thappraya Intersection, serves as a key site for monitoring motorists’ and bikers’ alcohol levels.” Police officers conducted rigorous inspections, focusing primarily on detecting and deterring drunk driving. The police inspector gave a stern warning saying, “Individuals passing through are subject to random alcohol level tests, with strict consequences awaiting those exceeding the legal limit.”

Pol. Lt. Col. Phanupong underscored the importance of these measures, particularly during the festive period when both locals and tourists converge on Pattaya for celebrations. He emphasized the need for responsible behaviour, cautioning revellers, both Thais and foreigners, against driving under the influence. “The safety of all road users is paramount, and we urge anyone indulging in alcoholic beverages to refrain from driving to prevent accidents and safeguard lives,” stated Inspector Phanupong.

Pattaya police remain vigilant against driving under the influence as Pattaya police intensify efforts to curb alcohol-related accidents during Songkran celebrations.