Pattaya nightlife businesses vow to combat child trafficking

Lisa Hamilton, president of the PNBA and her team are congratulated after launching their association on December 8. The association aims to improve Pattaya’s nightlife industry and image, and to prevent child abuse and trafficking.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The Pattaya Nightlife Business Association (PNBA) was officially inaugurated on December 8, with the mission of supporting and advising the nighttime entertainment businesses in Pattaya.

The president of the association, Ms. Lisa Hamilton, said that the main goal of the PNBA is to enhance Pattaya’s reputation as a tourist destination, especially after the recent cases of child trafficking. She said that the association will ensure that all the workers in the nightlife businesses are above 18 years old and have valid records. She also appealed to the business owners to work with the authorities and the local community to make Pattaya a safe and secure place for both visitors and residents.

She added that the association will also cooperate with the relevant agencies and organizations to prevent and combat child abuse and exploitation in the nightlife industry. She said that the association will adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards any violations of the law and the human rights of children. She said that the association will educate and train the business owners and the workers on how to identify and report any suspicious activities or cases involving children.

One of the initiatives that the association will implement is when the opening hours of entertainment venues are extended until 4 a.m., starting from December 15, they will monitor the noise levels and take measures to prevent any loud or disruptive activities that may affect the people living nearby. She said that the association wants to create a more pleasant and harmonious environment for everyone in Pattaya.