Pattaya municipality cleanses dusty roads in congested communities

A Pattaya City water truck washes away dust and dirt along Soi Khopai off South Pattaya-Thepprasit Roads.

As the dry season sets in Pattaya roads tend to gather a lot of dust which is causing a lot of inconvenience to residents and businesses along the busy thoroughfares.

To alleviate these dusty problems, the Pattaya municipality dispatched water trucks on Dec 7, to hose down many congested roads in the city.

Pattaya City Councilor Nikom Sangkaew also led a team to visit residents who are in need of financial and in-kind assistance, donating a wheelchair to a physically challenged resident in Walking Street. In addition, dry foods and daily amenities were also handed out to those in need.

Pattaya City Councilor Nikom Sangkaew and his team donated a wheelchair to a bed-ridden resident in Walking Street.