Pattaya Grapevine: The gay disease?


The gay disease?
If monkeypox is mainly spread by homosexual contact, at any rate in the early cases, then best to say so categorically. No point in beating around the bush so to speak. Then again, syphilis was introduced into Europe either as a result of the Crusades or via Columbus’s invasion of the Americas. Either way round it was initially a heterosexual disease according to all the evidence.

Fish and chips craze
There’s practically mania on the Pattaya social media sites to find the best fish and chips in town. No fewer than 20 outlets are competing for the unofficial title, all confidently supported by their devotees. Dory and salmon are out of favour whilst cod and haddock are battering each other for pride of place. But is anybody doing excellent fishcakes with sliced fillings?

Pattaya road repairs
Police say that roadwork drilling and piping should only be done weekdays as they interfere with traffic during the busy weekends. Surely no point in that suggestion. The huge holes in the roads aren’t going to be filled up for two days and then dug up again for the other five. Best to march on 24/7 until completion or, sad to say, until it all starts over again. TIT.

Indians versus Americans
Official statistics are showing that more Americans than Indians visited Thailand in the last four months. Really? You certainly don’t get that Impression wandering down Beach Road anytime of the day or night. The opening of so many Indian restaurants in Pattaya of late is another marker. Making sense of Tourist Authority of Thailand figures has long been a headache.

Airline news
Signs of the times. Bangkok Airways is recommencing flights to Siem Reap next month and Aeroflot is resuming flights to Phuket for the winter high season. Meanwhile, British Airways is abandoning Thailand altogether for the foreseeable future, leaving Eva and Thai as the only direct flights from UK to Bangkok. All are twists and turns in the coronavirus story.

Best value
Do It Yourself are surely far and away the best value hardware stores in town. Everything one price and no reason to quarrel whether you need batteries, car accessories, drills, screws, even toys and some clothing. The stores have mushroomed throughout south east Asia and have recently arrived in Cambodia. DIY has most of the answers. Always low prices.

Bikini ban
PBS World reports that the Thai navy has removed a sign telling tourists not the wear bikinis on Samae San island which is located off the coast of Chonburi. Apparently tourists were confused by the sign and some stripped naked as they interpreted the ban to mean go naked please. No it didn’t mean that and was simply an attempt to persuade visitors properly to observe Thai culture.

More five stars
In case you wondered what is happening next to Hard Rock Hotel, near Central Festival, the site will be a 100 billion baht project for a JW Marriott luxury, skyscraper hotel. The only thing that can stop Pattaya’s transformation from rags to riches is when the space runs out. The assumption being made is that tourism in Pattaya will thrive in the next 10 years with Asian visitors. Americans, Europeans and Aussies are no longer the center of attention.

China Thai railway
The Laos China railway started last December and is even busier than expected. It runs from Vientiane to the Chinese border. It’ll likely take 10 years, even more, but the route will eventually stretch all the way to Bangkok. Such developments convince investors in the Eastern Economic Corridor that Pattaya’s future will be very different from its past.

Healthy breakfast
Those wanting a fewer-calories breakfast should consider The Continental (Thappraya Road and just below the Thepprasit traffic lights) where a good-sized portion of muesli & fresh fruit, tea or coffee and a couple of slices of toast with reasonably-sized butter and jam pats will set you back around 150 baht. Opens at 5.30 am because they bake fresh bread.