Pattaya police say arrests near in Indian gold thefts

Pattaya police patrols became more stringent after a spate of cons and robberies of Indian tourists on Pattaya Beach in recent months.

After three months without a single arrest, Pattaya-area police say they finally are close to issuing warrants for transgender thieves robbing Indians tourists of their gaudy gold jewelry.

Since April, at least nine Indian tourists have reported that ladyboys on Beach and Second roads have stolen gold chains worth up to 70,000 baht by lewdly propositioning and accosting them. Others have reported being pickpocketed by transgender streetwalkers.

Neither Pattaya nor Tourist police have made any arrests.

Tourist Police Division inspector Pol. Lt. Col. Pitchaya Kiewplung said investigators have been checking CCTV footage, suspect histories and common exchange routes. While he declined to give any details, Pitchaya said authorities were close to seeking arrest warrants.

Phonpipat Photasin, vice president of Sisters Foundation, a social welfare agency for sex workers and transgender people, said the crimes perpetrated by ladyboys have smeared the entire LGBTQ+ community, perpetuating that all transgender women are criminals.

The group said it will not defend anyone breaking the law and urged those in the transgender community with knowledge about the crimes and perpetrators to assist the police in hunting them down.

Phonpipat Photasin, VP of Sisters Foundation said the crimes perpetrated by ladyboys have smeared the LGBTQ+ community and the group will not defend anyone breaking the law.