Pattaya Eating Out Quiz


For amusement only

1. Which restaurant offers a Sunday cheese buffet with 25 choices?
A. Au Bon Coin
B. Cafe des Amis
C. L’Auberge
D. Le Bordeaux

2. Which restaurant once offered fish and chips with a daily Combo and Tetley’s tea?
A. Punch and Judy
B. The Jolly Friar
C. Simon’s
D. The Pig and Whistle

3. The Thai restaurant Thai Aroi Dee is located in:
A. Jomtien beach road
B. Soi 5 Jomtien
C. The Hanuman statue and circle
D. Naklua Road

4. Which Irish-sounding restaurant has seating for 180 in its publicity?
A. Mulligans
B. Paddy’s Irish Pub and Grill
C. Irish Wolfhound
D. O’Garas Irish restaurant

5. Which of these current British-orientated restaurants opened in 2004?
A. The Caddy Shack
B. Devonshire Restaurant
C. Nicky’s
D. Chunky Monkey

6. Columnist Bernard Trink’s regular morning coffee stop when in Pattaya Soi Yamato was:
A. The Rising Sun
B. Poteen Still
C. Lolita A-Go Go
D. Macdonalds

7. Which is the oldest Indian restaurant still on the same site?
A. Tarka House
B. Indian by Nature
C. Alibaba
D. Madras Darbar

8. Which of these closed permanently in April 2023?
A. Le Petite Planete
B. Cuisine au Buerre
C. Salt and Pepper
D. Greg’s Kitchen

9. Which restaurant says it has large TVs for petrolheads and Texmex cuisine?
A. The American Dream
B. The Burger Joint
C. The Outback
D. Route 66

10. Which of these on the Dark Side specializes in Indian food?
A. The Green House
B. The New Fisherman
C. Bunny’s
D. August

11. Which of these five star hotels has the Terrazzo restaurant?
A. Holiday Inn
B. The Hilton
C. Royal Cliff Resort
D. Amari

12. What is unusual about Five Stars vegetarian restaurant?
A. Doesn’t serve eggs
B. Doesn’t serve brown rice
C. Doesn’t serve fake chicken
D. Doesn’t serve onion or garlic

13. Which restaurant is located in the Birds and Bees Resort?
A. Vegan for You
B. Healthy Eaters
C. Cabbages and Condoms
D. Veggie Heaven

14. All day dining at the Hilton Pattaya is in the:
A. Glow
B. Edge
C. Rooftop
D. Choices

15. The burger place on Jomtien beach road, soi 19, is called:
A. Just Burgers
B. Friendly Burgers
C. Fresh Burgers
D. Best Burgers