North Pattaya-Motorway intersection reopens, easing holiday traffic congestion

Motorists navigate the reopened North Pattaya-Motorway Intersection, bringing relief ahead of the bustling Songkran holiday festivities.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The North Pattaya-Motorway Intersection was reopened to traffic on April 12, bringing relief to both locals and tourists and ensuring smoother traffic flow ahead of the Songkran holiday celebrations. This reopening permits vehicles to turn right onto North Pattaya Road as usual, aiming to alleviate anticipated congestion during the holiday weekend and improve traffic flow in the area.

The reopening of the intersection serves as a timely solution to ease traffic congestion resulting from ongoing surface renovations. Completion of surface renovations on the right lane has opened up additional traffic lanes, further reducing congestion. Consequently, traffic congestion on North Pattaya Road has notably decreased compared to previous days.

The closure of the North Pattaya Motorway Intersection for surface renovations since March 15 had caused inconvenience to motorists and tourists. During this period, all vehicles exiting the motorway were redirected left towards the Soi Siam Country Club intersection, leading to congestion and frustration among commuters.