Naklua market bustles as seafood demand soars during Songkran

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, holiday makers eagerly select fresh seafood at Naklua Market, fuelling the soaring demand ahead of Songkran festivities.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Lan Pho Market in Naklua was bustling with activity on April 12, as residents and tourists flocked to purchase seafood in preparation for the upcoming extended holiday. Vendors at the market were brimming with enthusiasm as they catered to the increasing demand from eager customers.

Atthawit Kerdpanya, a vendor specializing in crabs, shared insights into the bustling market scene. He revealed that since April 10, a steady stream of visitors from various provinces had been flocking to the market to purchase seafood for their families and relatives. This surge in demand, particularly for crabs, led to shortages, prompting customers to opt for alternatives such as shrimp, shellfish, and fish.

The vibrant market atmosphere extended beyond seafood purchases, with some people buying seafood for immediate grilling or steaming before packing it for their journey home. This heightened activity also benefited grilling stations and foam box vendors, who provided ice packs to maintain the freshness of the seafood purchases.

Despite a slight increase in seafood prices due to heightened demand, vendors ensured ample stock to meet the holiday rush, alleviating concerns about affordability among customers. Additionally, to enhance convenience for both locals and tourists during the holiday rush, free parking spaces were provided, reminiscent of services offered in Pattaya.

Fresh seafood vendors at Naklua Market work tirelessly to meet the skyrocketing demand, ensuring a plentiful supply for holiday shoppers.