Human Help Network reaches out to the less fortunate in Pattaya

Pirun Noi-imjai manager of the Drop-in Center presents bags of food and supplies to an elderly lady and her grandson in the Soi Khao Noi community.

Volunteers and children from the Human help Network Foundation (Thailand) led by Director Radchada Chomjinda and Pirun Noi-imjai manager of the Drop-in Center of the ASEAN Learning Center ventured into the Soi Khao Noi community July 31, where they distributed HHN Care Bags to 80 needy families.

The generous act was made possible by the kind sponsorship of Hans G. Mueller the benefactor of the center and founder of the HGM Education Fund.

The destitute in this particular community are mostly Thai nationals who trade in second hand items and scraps. Many are laborers working in the various businesses in town who have been hit hard by the economic collapse caused by Covid-19.

Edible items in the survival bags contained rice, dried food, eggs, instant noodle, cooking oil, canned fish, snacks and water. Other items included face masks and children’s clothing.

The benefactors hope that the contents of the survival bag will be able to help the poor children survive through this difficult period especially now that the government has declared a lockdown and curfew which makes life of a man or woman trying to make a living even more unbearable.

Radchada Chomjinda Director of HHNFT and her volunteers distribute food and amenities to the poor residents of Soi Khao Noi community.

This little boy helps his grandmother carry food supplies home.

The Human help Network Foundation (Thailand) volunteers are happy and contented that they are able to do good deeds for the benefit of the poor.