From temple to sea, Pattaya celebrates Loy Krathong

For the first time in a very long time, thousands of people gathered along the Pattaya seashore to celebrate Loy Krathong under the bright full moon.

Whether at the beach or temple, Pattaya residents and tourists found plenty to float their boats on Loy Krathong.

Restaurants along Pattaya Beach bustled, despite not being able to serve alcohol legally, and throngs walked down the sand to send their krathongs of flowers, candles and incense to sea.

At Chaimongkol Temple, Thais came to make made merit and float their krathongs in the pond. Sellers inside and outside the temple grounds did good business, selling to both Thais and foreigners.

Wat Chaimongkol’s Child Development Center and Pattaya School No. 8 donated the profits from their stands to the temple’s general fund.

Pattaya’s official Loy Krathong celebration on the beach at Central Road turned out to be a bust, with concerts from big name Thai pop acts sparsely attended due to the restrictions the city placed on those trying to enter the stage area.

Hundreds of Thais and foreigners flocked to Wat Chai Mongkol Temple to ray and be blessed by Buddhist monks.

Rather than put up with the hassle of proving coronavirus vaccinations and tests, crowds simply enjoyed the music from outside the gates.

Pradub Porachu, owner of Stueble Beer German Restaurant on Soi 7, reopened on Loy Krathong after being closed much of this year and was rewarded with busy tables.

Pradub said regular German customers returned and tourists in town for Loy Krathong found the eatery.

Pattaya also held its traditional krathong contest, with Wijitpajong Floating Krathong winning first place and 15,000 baht. Pattaya School No. 3 placed second for 12,000 baht while Pattaya School No. 3 took the 9,000-baht third-place prize.

Loy Krathong is a time for families to float their krathongs into the holy waters to rid themselves of the bad times and hope for a brighter future.

Devout Buddhists pray and make merit at Wat Chai Mongkol Temple in South Pattaya.

A foreign resident and his family make merit by making a donation to the Buddhist temple.

Stalls selling krathongs did a thriving business along the beach and in the temples.

It was good to see Pattaya City lit up with bright lights again and people coming out to enjoy themselves.

Pattaya Beach Road was extremely busy with cars and motorbikes not to mention pedestrians on Loy Krathong night.

Pattaya beach chairs did a thriving business as thousands of people came out to sit around and just enjoy the beauty of krathongs floating in the sea.