Busy season here with beautiful Pattaya golf weather

(left) Winner at Green Valley Tony Robbins, (center) Winner at Bangpra Colin Greig and (right) Winner at Treasure Hill Geoff Atwell.

PSC Bunker Boys Golf
Monday, December 6th
Green Valley Country Club
1st Tony Robbins (24) 37 points
2nd Greg Berry (15) 36 points
3rd Geoff Atwell (22) 35 points
4th Jimmy Carr (17) 34 points
5th Steve Durey (19) 34 points
Near pins: Greg Berry, Mashi Kaneta, Jimmy Carr, & Steve Durey.

Despite several locals missing today (at least six) a big influx of regular seasonal visitors swelled our numbers to twenty. The new arrivals were Neil Jones, Ken Davidson, and Tony Scambler. Could it be that many have their eyes on the club championship to be held next Wednesday and Friday? Since restaurants were allowed to serve alcohol last Friday, Pattaya feels much more like the “city of fun” that we have all come to know and love.

A beautiful day for golf at Green Valley where the weather was just about perfect and the course was in tip-top condition. Despite a big group out before us, the speed of play was fine and there were no reasons for low scores other than the vagaries of the game.

We are considering sending around the hat, collecting for a mask, not a covid mask but a Ned Kelly one for today’s winner Tony Robbins on his twenty-four handicap with a score of thirty-seven. Greg Berry had a super round going on the front nine but faded on the back to record a score of thirty-six, enough to take second place. Another in need of a mask, this time a Robin Hood mask was Geoff Atwell who took third on thirty-five off a generous twenty-two handicap.

Jimmy Carr, solid as ever came in with thirty-four points edging out Steve Durey on countback. The near pins were shared between Greg Berry, Mashi Kaneta, Jimmy Carr, and Steve Durey.

Wednesday, December 8th
Bangpra Golf Club
1st Colin Greig (15) 36 points
2nd Paul Smith (2) 33 points
3rd Greg Berry (15) 33 points
4th Michael Brett (15) 32 points
Near pins: Kob Glover, Paul Smith, & Michael Brett.

A spectacular day for golf at Bangpra, with a cloudless blue sky, balmy temperature, and a slight breeze as good as it gets. The course was in nice condition, the bunkers were remarkable, perfectly raked; remarkable as we have seen courses lately with bunkers in very poor condition. Having endured months where there was no run on the fairways today was the opposite with both fairways and greens very quick. Speed of play was good until our lead group ran up against a six-ball. Thereafter it became painfully slow.

Someone we are used to seeing play off a single figure handicap, Colin Greig, now off fifteen took the honours with thirty-six points. Could the advancing years be manifesting themselves or is he just sandbagging for the upcoming club championship next week?

Paul Smith took second place with thirty-three points with Greg Berry third also on thirty-three. All three played in the last group. The only one to miss out was Les Cobban who had a rare off day.

Geoff Parker set a blistering pace on the front nine with twenty-one but faded on the back nine and lost fourth place on countback to Michael Brett. Three near pins went to Paul Smith, Kob Glover, and Michael Brett. A remarkable coincidence occurred on the Gordon Melia twelfth hole where Niall Glover, Kob Glover, and Geoff Parker all put two balls in the water.

Friday, December 10th
Treasure Hill Golf Club
1st Geoff Atwell (22) 36 points
2nd John Hughes (22) 35 points
3rd Mashi Kaneta (17) 34 points
4th Ken Davidson (24) 31 points
Near pins Kob Glover, Greg Berry, Mashi Kaneta, & Geoff Atwell.

The joy of low season already seems a distant memory with yet another diabolically slow round. As is often the case, the cause of the problem was a local six-ball. Why this is allowed is anybody’s guess, and something we simply have to learn to live with. By the closing holes, many had lost interest and simply wanted to get it over with and get off the course. One thing from the low season that remained to everybody’s delight was the all-in fee of one thousand and fifty baht.

Sometimes this course feels like it has more trees than Sherwood Forest and it was common to hear the sound of golf balls clattering into said trees. The fairways were in good order with lots of run and the greens were firm and consistent.

Talking of Sherwood Forest, our resident Robin Hood Geoff Atwell seemed at home on the course and took first place with thirty-six points to go with his thirty-five on Monday. Another bandit on a high handicap, John Hughes, came second with thirty-five points one ahead of Mashi Kaneta in third place. Ken Davidson rounded out the scoring on thirty-one points. There were many with scores in the mid to high twenties.

All the near pins were taken by Greg Berry, Kob Glover (again), Mashi Kaneta, and Geoff Atwell. Geoff’s effort was particularly noteworthy in that he completely mishit his drive, landed halfway down the fairway, and ran all the way up to the green for a near pin. Naturally, with that kind of luck, he would go on to sink the put for a birdie.

With so many Brits back in Thailand the question was raised today, where are the Aussies? Probably back home watching boring cricket some would say.

With the Club Championship next week and many struggling to find their best it remains a wide-open contest. Many are looking for a complete reversal in form. At this stage, Steve Durey is in the best and most consistent form and looks like a clear frontrunner. Who will it be?