East Pattaya clean clogged up sewage pipes

Wanchai Sanngam, Nongprue Deputy Mayor and members of Municipal Council inspect the dredging work at Pattaya Rungrueng Village, Soi Nernplubwan in East Pattaya.

Nongprue workers cleaned out East Pattaya sewage pipes following complaints about flooding and bad smells.

Deputy Mayor Wanchai Sanngam watched as engineers scraped and sucked out pipes in Rungrueng Village on Soi Nernplubwan Dec. 9.

Residents had complained that sewers often backed up, leaving Soi Nernplubwan constantly wet and slippery for motorbikes. They said the area also stinks of overflowing sewage.

Wanchai said any residents who wants similar work done in their neighborhood can call the Nongprue Subdistrict office at 038-933-191.

The drains are usually clogged up which causes a terrible stench in the neighborhood.