Pattaya’s Bikini ‘Glow in the Dark’ Run tonight

The Pattaya Bikini ‘Glow in the Dark’ Run kicks off at 5:30 p.m. at Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

Pattaya hopes 3 events will drive Loy Krathong tourism

Water goddesses and werewolves meet under a full moon as Pattaya celebrates a rare combined Loy Krathong and Halloween.

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If the juxtaposition of ancient tradition and the modern undead wasn’t enough, Pattaya today also is playing host to the Bikini Run, where joggers are encouraged to wear very little as they run through town, but were told they must cover up before joining the official Loy Krathong festival at Beach and Central roads.

There will be about 200 runners per shift running until 11 p.m.

While not a three-day holiday weekend, this Saturday is seen by city hall as a major driver of tourism, albeit domestic. It remains to be seen how successful the weeks of promotion will be given heavy rain and the lack of an extra Friday or Monday off.

Most of the focus will be on Beach Road where the bikini-clad runners will hoof it from Central Festival until 11 p.m., and at Central Road, where music stages and food booths will attract the Loy Krathong crowd.

The Little Noppamas pageant for young and teen girls will be the only fireworks, as genuine pyrotechnics and Yi Peng flying lanterns are banned.

Checkpoints will be set up on major streets to check for those, as well as guns, drugs and drunk drivers. More people die on Thai roads on Loy Krathong than any other holiday except Songkran.

The Bikini Run got 2,000 sign-ups, all of whom are encouraged to wear fluorescent sportswear and swimsuits for the “Glow in the Dark” event. Shifts of 200 runners take off until 11 p.m.

The course stretches five kilometers along Pattaya Beach. Country-music deejays, body painting and numerous “net idol” participants will be on hand for entertainment and eye candy.

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Pattaya’s Loy Krathong festival is one of the most attractive events on the calendar and draws thousands to participate each year.

Krathongs are on sale for people to buy to walk down to the beach and float.


Illegal fireworks and flying lanterns are banned tonight.


The Little Noppamas contest is for kids to show off their talents on stage and win prizes.