Curfew lifted, Pattaya beaches open, all bars closed

International travel still banned, food lines continue.

For the first time in two and a half months, Thailand doesn’t have a nighttime curfew. Put into effect April 2, government officials lifted the national curfew June 15, easing business restrictions and beginning the fourth round of measures after the Kingdom experienced no new home-grown COVID-19 cases in nearly a month.

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Beaches have opened and alcohol sales are now allowed in dine-in restaurants, but pubs, bars, entertainment venues and karaoke outlets remain closed. Borders also remain closed to international travelers while the government mulls over “travel bubbles” that would allow limited opportunities for tourists from countries with passable records dealing with the pandemic.

Continuing long lines at charitable food handouts indicate that we might be in for an excruciatingly long haul before the economy stabilizes.

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