Tourists flock to see sun hemp flowers blooming in Songkhla


SONGKHLA, 25 August 2015 -Tourists have been flocking to see sun hemp flowers in bloom at this time of year in Singha Nakhon district of Songkhla province.

More than 300 rais of land are covered by the sea of blooming yellow sun hemp flowers, which attract people from other provinces to Songkhla.

Singha Nakhon residents have taken advantage of this annual event by selling beverages and food to visitors to supplement their incomes.

The sun hemp field, which is located in Ban Ram Daeng sub district, has become an agro-tourism site since 2011; under the supervision of Ban Ram Daeng Local Administration Office.

The field will remain open to tourists only until August 29th before the flowers begin to wilt away. The site will be plowed to pave the way for the next rice growing season, in which buried sun hemp will provide necessary nutrients for rice saplings.