Sisaket correctional facility undergoes comprehensive search


SISAKET 10 June 2014 — Sisaket Correctional Facility is under going a comprehensive search by army officials for illegal objects hidden within the confines of the facility.

National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) deputy, Lieutenant Colonel Warakorn Thonyangyuen, has ordered a group of 30 army officials to search the ground of the Sisaket’s correctional facility for any illegal objects, such as weapons, drugs, and other illegal items.

The search was in accordance with the NCPO’s policy to eradicate illicit drugs from the country. Among the 1,516 inmates searched, 130 were female and 1,386 were male.

Illegal objects found included 46 lighters, a mobile phone, a crudely made tattooing apparatus, 9 cutters and home-made knives. Those found in possession of such items will be punished, according to the Lieutenant Colonel.