Mailbag: Disgraceful state of the electrical wiring of lamposts in Pattaya


Dear Editor,

I wrote a letter on or around the end of September 2021 regarding the disgraceful state of the electrical wiring of lamposts on Thappraya Road. (Typical of all lamposts in Pattaya).

I see that 25-year-old Patchanicha Moonpen was fataly electrocuted on the morning of September 24, from exposed wires on a lampost. This tragic occurance has taken place a few days short of two years of me bringing this problem to City Hall and PEA! It appears that very little has been done to address this problem.

Failure of the authorities to address this problem, which has caused a loss of life, means the said autorities are guilty of culpable homicide, and the persons responsible should go to jail!

I see that Local Authorities have issued the following statement as reported by Pattaya Mail, Local authorities have initiated a thorough investigation into the incidents details and are encouraging both residents and business proprietors to promptly report any unsafe electrical conditions, aiming to avert similar tragedies in the future.”  What would be the point? It was reported two years ago and they did nothing!

I would challenge the local authorities to spend a morning with me and walk along Thappraya Road and see the state of the footpaths an wirering, but this would mean a 4 km walk which they would not agree to, I am 77 and I can do this walk easily, but those whom sit on their butt all day may find in taxing,  but this is the only way to evaluate the extent of this problem.

Barry Jones
A concerned resident