Pattaya Sports Club Bunker Boys Golf Report Sept 25-27-29

Jimmy Carr, winner at Khao Kheow., Michael Brett, winner at Eastern Star and Craig Dows September Golfer of the Month.

Monday, September 25
Khao Kheow C & B
1st Jimmy Carr (19) 35 points
2nd Sunny Khanna (13) 33 points
3rd Robby Watts (10) 33 points
Near pins Craig Dows, Bil Richardson, & Robby Watts X 2

Thunder rumbled around Khao Kheow all day long but luckily the rain fell elsewhere apart from a very short sprinkle at the start of play. The course was very damp so mudballs were common on just about every fairway shot, absolutely no run today so the course played long.

Continuing on from last week, scores were again modest, surely this must change soon. Off a very dodgy handicap of nineteen Jimmy Carr made up for the Bock’s loss over the weekend by taking first place with thirty-five points. Sunny Khanna was again in the frame taking second place with thirty-three points. After a layoff all of last week, Robby Watts made a return today to take third place also on thirty-three points, Robby also managed to snag two near pins with the others going to Craig Dows and Bil Richardson.

Wednesday, September 27
Eastern Star Golf Course
1st Michael Brett (15) 30 points
2nd Mike Smith (21) 30 points
3rd Les Cobban (10) 29 points
Near pins Jimmy Carr & Michael Brett.

The scourge of golf (slow play) struck again today at Eastern Star. Not one but two groups of slow players, a couple of holes apart spoiled the day for everybody, at least the first group had the good grace to let us play through whilst the other group displayed total disregard for manners or golf etiquette and refused to let anybody pass. The female marshal was of no use as she did not want to cause offense to the offenders thereby offending those being held up. It got so bad that one group deserted the front nine after a few holes and went to the back nine.

The course was very damp so it played long and coupled with the frustration of slow play this was an ideal cocktail for low scoring, this has been the trend for the last few games, hopefully, Pattaya Country Club will yield better scores on Friday.

Two players were locked on thirty points and separated as listed on countback with Michael Brett taking it from Mike Smith. Again three players finished on twenty-nine points with Les Cobban taking it on countback from Jimmy Carr and Kob Glover. Only two near pins were claimed going to Jimmy Carr and Michael Brett.

Friday, September 29
Pattaya Country Club
1st Robby Watts (10) 33 points
2nd Uwe Jurgensen (30) 30 points
3rd Niall Glover (14) 30 points.
Near pins Robby Watts, Michael Brett, & Bil Richardson X 2.

Yet another frustratingly slow game to complete the September roster, so much so that by the tenth hole three people had had enough and retired to the clubhouse. Will it ever happen in Pattaya that courses adopt the rules applied by Springfield in Hua Hin? Suffice it to say that once again scores were low as a consequence.

Today the course was in fine condition again despite recent rain, however, blustery wind played havoc.

Robby Watts made a smash and grab raid today taking first place with thirty-three points. Uwe Jurgensen edged out Niall Glover to take second despite his three playing partners deserting him on the back nine. Bil Richardson took two near pins with the other two going to Robby Watts and Michael Brett.

Having lead virtually all month it was inevitable Craig Dows would take out the golfer of the month trophy.