Russian dies in Jomtien motorcycle accident


A Russian man was killed when he crashed his large Japanese motorcycle on Jomtien Second Road.

Veniamin Duriagin, 33, was cut in half at the waist in the May 14 collision between his 750 cc Kawasaki and a small Yamaha motorbike in front of the Laguna Resort. Motorbike driver Prakarn Nuengkrathok, 32, sustained treatable injuries.

Witness Tuanjai Khunsuwong said the Russian cut in front of her, then lost control of the motorcycle. He crashed into Prakarn’s bike then hit a utility pole.  She said parked her car and rushed to help the crash victim, finding that he was trying to move his head to ask for help. But when she had reached him, she found only the upper part of his body, while the lower part was in the middle of the road.  Seeing this horrifying sight, she fainted.

  • will

    get get a russianproblem in pattaya more and more .
    these people not resepcting any law or order .
    more and more russians sexgirls and boys are coming to offer there bodys . underground business is growing more and more .
    when is the pattaya police and city hall going to stop that ? to leave it like that is the best way to lose tourists and expats in pattaya . a lot of falangs are going to move out of thailand for a better life and easyer living … maybe me too. pattaya is changed a lot … but to the wrong way …its time to move .

  • Iain

    “Half ” the time these guys are going to die or kill someone with their reckless behaviour.

  • Yes, pattaya, a.k.a little moscow as i have heard it called lately seem to be heading on a downward slope, russian girls selling themselves on walking st along with black girls now, why dont the police do something about it? I think i can guess. Jet ski scams still happening i wittnessed 2 last week opp soi post office pattaya 1 japanese man getting a good kicking from 3 thai thug jet ski operators. Police only after there 30% comission from fines for stopping motorcycles on soi 11 soi 9. Yes i was fined 400bt ok i have no little picture of a motorbike on my uk license so why dont they stop motobike rental operators to not rent to people without a mb license? I pay the fine then they allow me to get on my byke and ride off into the sunset so hopefuly they can get me again tomorrow.. Pattaya, well you couldnt make up what goes on here.