Use common sense



Re: Pattaya beginning to earn bad reputation with Russian tourists (PM Friday, 30 November 2012) – I’ve been visiting Pattaya off and on for twenty years. Never had any problem. Use common sense. Don’t wear expensive jewellery or watches. Don’t carry an expensive cellphone. Carry only enough cash for the day or evening, and carry it in a concealed pouch under your shirt. Don’t pick up girls off the street. Make sure the hotel has her ID. And most important, mix your own drink in your room and never take your eyes off it. Same rules you should use anywhere.

Gary B.

  • Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO


    Good advice Gary but not all girls, lady-boys or gay-boys on the street are bad, same as bars, just double check, back check and recheck everything one does.
    So true about drinks, ID, flashing goods.
    Problem being most ripoffs happen to the over drinkers.
    Taking a shower without date,passing out, always have it set up so one can see their stuff from the bathroom or put it in the front office safety-deposit box in front of them,except for what your going to pay.
    Like we always say, a stitch in time or trust no one, cha,cha,cha…