Pattaya traffic



No supervision. Buses park where they like. Yesterday, Sat-1-Dec, 10 parked on Third Road all day, reducing it to one lane, causing a big holdup back to the lights and beyond at South Pattaya.

Beach Road: vendors set up stalls on the road. This is a major road; the traffic needs all the room it can get.

Cars & baht-buses stop where they like, instead of trying to pull into a space that will not block the traffic flow, double parking.

Just what is the police role? Other than stopping bikers without helmets, and overtaking on motorways at the end of each month?

At the weekend Pattaya is gridlocked. What is the policy of closing u-turns on many major roads? Sending them further along the road to queue at the one and only u-turn.

The best about Thailand traffic was the free-for-all, in my view this keeps traffic moving.

Pattaya is a tourist destination. when are you going to realise that and make it easier for tourists to get from one area to another, and be able to cross a road?

Why do I never hear about a future high speed rail link from Bangkok-Airport-Pattaya? Surely this would be a winner. Would this not reduce the traffic coming into Pattaya, and maybe you would not need to plan for a underpass at Klang. If Thappraya Road to Jomtien is any example of major road works, the under-pass will take 10+ years. You already have a rail line from Bkk, what would it take to up-grade it? Less than 10 years I believe, and also you would be reducing vehicle pollution.

Matt Jomtien

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