’Tis a puzzlement


Dear Editor,

Referring to ‘John’s’ letter in last week’s Pattaya Mail regarding beach chair vendors not being allowed to serve alcohol with immediate effect. My concern is whether the vendors have a license to sell alcoholic beverages. I would believe they do not and as such they are not permitted so to sell. I am aware, however, that most of the vendors actually buy their foodstuffs etc. from local outlets close to their area and also alcoholic beverages from cafes, bars, restaurants etc. When I have availed myself of their services and mayhap want a cooked snack, the vendor toddles off to a local outlet, orders my food and it is delivered to me. Same with my wanting to have a beer to wash it down. The point being “As the vendor is purchasing the alcohol from a secondary outlet” can this be classed as them selling such? I am aware that the powers that be have gotten around this by saying ‘vendors are not allowed to serve alcohol’. I like it.

My secondary observation concerns whether a customer is allowed to take his own alcohol to the beach and consume it in one of the beach chair establishments? I am unsure as to how the laws equate to this activity.

Indeed ’tis a puzzlement.

Rodney G.