ATM victim


Dear Editor,

I am also a victim of the ATM scam. I don’t know how it happened as nobody had my card in his hands. Saturday, Jan. 8, was my last day in Pattaya and I wanted to withdraw a certain amount. As this amount was not shown on the board, I entered it but did not get the money. The machine only wanted to give me 2,200 baht. At this moment a man, looking like a Middle Easterner, offered his help. I was angry and told him to get away quickly. He went off; I cancelled the withdrawal and went to another ATM.

Here the same happened again. Furthermore he tried to get my card when it slipped out of the machine, but did not get it. I was quicker! I am sure that nobody could see my pin. When I entered it, nobody was close to me and I hold one hand above the other. I was very angry with that man!

Then I went to a bank where I felt safe and got my money there. The next day I arrived at home. Some days later I noticed that my account was empty! 1000 euros were taken from several ATMs in Pattaya. Of course I went to the German police, who told me that they will not contact the Thai police!

This morning I read in the Pattaya Mail the article on the Frenchman Mohammad Belkelouat who had tried to rob the card of the British man Mr. Singer. He looks very similar to the man who tried to “help” me last week.

For me it is a miracle how the money could be transferred from my account. But it is obvious that this man played a role in it.


A disappointed German female tourist on her 27th holidays in Thailand


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