Many dogs in dire straights on South Pattaya Road



People are outraged over the treatment of elephants at Sarakham Temple where three elephants were butchered and the skulls, meat, and tusks were sold for two million baht. Seven more elephants are waiting in the wings and they seem to be suffering from malnutrition. Now, they say a law is needed to protect these elephants. I would hope that if they pass this law it will be extended to also protect dogs and cats and other animals.

There are many dogs in dire straights on South Pattaya Road. They are found dirty and flea bitten. They sleep in the gutter and under cars. They attempt to cross the road in all the miserable traffic. Many are abandoned in Wat Chaimongkol.

The cats migrate to the parking lot at Center Condotel. Those living there are not much better off than the dogs living on the road or in the temple, but all of them are much better off than being thrown into some vile storage tank. The cats are given good food by animal lovers at the condo, and they are taken to see a vet if they are sick or disabled.

Is this a pretty picture? I shouldn’t think so. 1337 at one time had information on how to deal with strays. Perhaps they still have this program. If not people can volunteer to adopt some of these animals. They wouldn’t be able to deal with an elephant, but they can certainly help out with a dog or cat. They can also notify the police or City Hall if they see any animal mistreated. There is too much of this going on.

Ray Standiford