I am an idiot


Dear Hillary,

I’m another of those idiot farangs.  There was one bar girl that I liked a lot and I thought she liked me too, but I didn’t want her to stay with me.  Overnight was fine and I thought we had built up a good relationship.  She knew what I wanted, so it went on for a few months.  Then about a year ago she asked me for some money as she had some problems, so I gave her 50,000 baht.  She promised to repay me within six months.  Well it’s now a year and she certainly hasn’t repaid anything and has moved from that bar.  I realize that I’ve been an idiot, but I just wanted to let everyone else know to not be an idiot either.  Please do not use my real name, as I am happily married.


Dear Idiot,

I have just called you what you called yourself, so forgive me if it looks insulting.  However, you have got yourself into this pickle by being very selfish, Petal.  You happily admit “she knew what I wanted”, but you did not find out what she might have wanted, did you?  You were happy enough to carry on with a relationship that could have no future, as you are already “happily married”, so what did you expect was going to happen?  You wanted casual sex, and you got it.  What you did not ascertain was that she wanted money – and she got it!  Kiss the money goodbye and be thankful you didn’t have to kiss your marriage goodbye as well.

  • Kamel Hyder

    You got out easy mate. Think of what could happen if in a western country. Blackmail, loss of job, shame. You got off easy.