Get the lycra out


Dear Hillary,

My 23 year old GF wants to go to yoga classes, and wants me to go with her. I wouldn’t mind going once a week, but this is five days a week, and I’m over 60. Of course she has to have the lycra gear to go with it and a couple of changes for different days. I went with her for the first lesson and I was sore the next day. It might be fine for Thai women, but not for me. The GF is putting the weights on me to sign up (and pay for her as well).


Dear Ferdy,

If it makes you feel better, most people who sign up for Yoga classes never go the whole distance. However, I think you should adopt the Empty Wallet position, followed by the Close the Door on Your Way Out pose. Ferdy, you are being taken to the cleaners while in the Lotus.


  • J West Hardin

    Hah… always starts out with a free one….then it’s a car pmt….a debt to pay… fee and new uniforms for kids in Udon …..she’ll need a missed mortgage payment on Moms house up north…just this once..there’s Dad’ new tooth…a vet visit for the sick buffalo…..brothers taxi broke down need $50000 right away…….nails…..clothes…..buddy….. you’re sixty…..have you learned nothing….? But of course…..she’s really in love this time and you’re amazing in bed……and Dude….if she gets you into spandex…shes got you by the cojones… Just hand her ATM pin code and card and get it over with….There’s no fool like an old fool who can’t see he’s getting fleeced by a razor sharp operator.

    • pierre A


  • Chris

    Either give her all your money now so she can move on to the next phase bumping you off or kick her sad *ss out the door and move on to another temp.