A Hillary Book?


Dear Hillary,

When are you going to collect all your writings and put them into a book?  I reckon it would have to be a great hit.  I have mates overseas who read you every week, just for the laugh at the poor suckers who write in.  I’ll buy the first copy, if you’ll autograph it.

Book Worm

Dear Book Worm,

It is always nice to know that the readers enjoy the column.  I have discussed with the editor the idea of putting some of the best letters together, but it is a lot of work, my Book Worm Petal.  Maybe that will be something for me to do when I retire (if I don’t die first).  I’ll let you know and autograph that first copy just for you.  That’s a promise.  Of course the first copy will be more expensive than the others, so in true fashion for these parts, there will be around 1,000 “first copies”, just like the third 50 percent shares of many bars that are sold around here!  By the way, I would rather your friends laugh at my answers, rather than at the suckers (sorry, readers)!

  • Ted Partridge

    , what a patronising person you are,anonymous book worm .how do you presume to be a judge of people and their stories re adventures and misadventures pertaining to thailand .most of us do not regard ourselves as suckers,,,your words.would you rather no one wrote to ms hillary,or alternatively,hide behind anonymity as you have done .i would hazard a guess that you yourself have been burnt emotionally and financially and get pleasure in sneering at lesser mortals,assuaging some deep seated resentment to wards the female section of thailand and possibly other asian countries. there are two old sayings that come to mind here,,ie an empty vessel makes the most noise,and the second, never point the finger ,there are three pointing right back.