Covid-19, The insurance Requirement


Covid-19 has caused many changes in Thailand since it initially was introduced into this country in early 2020.

These include social distancing, the wearing of face masks in public, the adjustment to living without tourists and also, but still largely unknown, the need for 100,000 USD medical cover, including Covid-19 cover, for all foreigners (Non-Thais) flying in to a Thai Airport.

This measure was introduced in March 2020, but most people are unaware of it, mainly because of the lockdown and not many foreigners being able to fly into Thailand. Airlines around the world were informed not to let non-Thais board an aircraft to Thailand unless they had a “certificate of insurance” from the insurer guaranteeing 100,000 USD of medical cover, including Covid-19, in Thailand. This includes those working in Thailand, those with family in Thailand as well as tourists.

Jack Levy – M.A. (Hons) M.L.I.A., Managing Director of the Macallan Brokerage Co., Ltd. Jack has been involved in insurance since 1981 when he joined the industry in Scotland.

For those with the necessary insurance in place, obtaining the certificate takes less than a day: For those with insurance, but below the minimum requirement, an upgrade can be done usually with minimum underwriting.

We at Macallan Insurance Broker have found that many ex-pats have no medical insurance, whether because they felt they did not need it, because they felt that they could not afford it, or because they thought they were too old or sick to get it.

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This change in the insurance requirement to come to Thailand has been a game-changer, and insurance companies along with Macallan Insurance Broker have changed with it.

Now Macallan Insurance Broker accepts application forms for anyone up to age 99, though for application age 65 or over, a medical will have to be taken and the results must be satisfactory before acceptance is confirmed.

The MIB staff are continually updating their skills, going on training courses to further their understanding of a changing profession.

As we all know, medical insurance premiums increase with age, so at Macallan insurance broker, we can offer various payment options such as monthly or quarterly to ease the cash flow situation. To reduce the premium with some companies, a deductible option (co-payment) is available.

The new medical insurance requirements to enter Thailand are already in force and there is no indication that they will be relaxed any time soon.


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Covid-19 has caused many changes in Thailand since it initially was introduced into this country in early 2020, with the need for 100,000 USD medical cover including Covid-19 cover for all foreigners (Non-Thais) flying in to a Thai Airport.