Pattaya beaches close again, throwing 100s of out work

Beach umbrella operators have once again been hit hard by the government closing the beaches.

There weren’t many people going to Pattaya’s beaches, but now there will be none after Chonburi province closed shorelines along both the ocean and lakes to prevent gatherings that could spread the coronavirus.

Beach chair vendor Manit Kantaka is one of the hundreds of chair and umbrella renters put out of work for the fourth time in 16 months. He complained July 23 that bureaucrats seem to have no problem closing the beaches without a thought of what it means to people who earn their money on them.

Another vendor identified only as Dokkaew said she is discouraged and disappointed by the order, especially as she already took a loan from Government Savings Bank that she is unable to repay.

She said many vendors derive all their family’s income from the beach and believes Pattaya and Chonburi need to provide compensation to the victims of their shutdown orders.

Many vendors who derive all their family’s income from the beach have been put out of work.

A lone expat walks the empty beach before beaches were shut down completely.

The city has sent out megaphone-wielding lifeguards to keep people away.