Village headmen association opposed to termination of power of local governance


BANGKOK, 22 June 2015 – Representatives of the association of village headmen of Thailand have called on the National Reform Council and the Constitution Drafting Committee to retain within the draft charter the power of local administrations.

Yongyot Kaewkhiao (ยงยศ แก้วเขียว) , president of the village headmen association, yesterday submitted a letter to the NRC to express the association’s objection to the termination of local administrative powers as stipulated by the draft charter. He argued that the system of local governance played a key role in ensuring the well-being of people and in reinforcing security and orderliness in the country.

Mr. Yongyot added that local governing bodies were able to gain access to the populace quickly and optimally, and the termination of the existing system could have detrimental results on the central government’s planning, use of resources and maintenance of internal security. He indicated that the retention of existing powers of local governance would benefit check-and-balance processes and would be appropriate for the current condition of Thai society.