NLA passes new buildings regulation law into use


BANGKOK, 22 June 2015 – The National Legislative Assembly has passed the draft bill on importation and exportation in its first reading, and has put the bill on buildings regulation into use.

In its first reading, NLA members voted 175 in favor of the bill on exportation and importation of good, which was proposed to the NLA by the Cabinet. The draft bill will replace the current Act that has been in effect for 36 years. Lawmakers indicated the new bill would be more appropriate to handle the ever-increasing volume of transnational transport of goods by providing better measures against goods smuggling and measures to protect the benefit of the state.

The NLA also passed the draft bill on buildings regulation in its third reading, making it into law. The bill was passed with the vote of 176 to nil in favor.

The new law is aimed at keeping with modern construction techniques. It also requires construction company to purchase insurance coverage for third parties in cases of losses related to certain types of buildings.