Main agendas of draft permanent constitution unchanged amid revisions


BANGKOK, 22 June 2015 – The main intentions behind the original draft of the permanent charter will remain unaltered although revisions will be made to the draft, according to Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) spokesman General Lertrat Rattanawanit.

According to Gen. Lertrat, the 30 extra days for the CDC to work on the revisions to the draft charter, made possible by the stipulations within the interim constitution, will be used by the CDC in making sure that revisions are more carefully made. A timeframe has already been established in which CDC members will take until Tuesday to go over the main contents of the revision. From Wednesday onward, the CDC members will deliberate the revisions section by section.

Gen. Lertrat said the revisions were not being made solely based on proposals from the 8 NRC committees, but also based on the proposals of the Cabinet, the civic sector, political parties and other establishments. He noted, however, that the original agendas of the draft permanent constitution would remain intact.

The CDC is expected to meet all 8 NRC committees in the first week of August for additional discussions on the revisions. The revised draft will be sent to the NRC on August 12, Gen. Lertrat added.