Thailand’s plans on transition to the post-pandemic stage in Sept- Oct revealed

CCSA, Public Relations Department, and Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Updates from the Thai government regarding thepandemic situation, reporting from the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA)


  1. Recap from the Thai briefing

-The CCSA took note that the situation in Thailand is getting better gradually, as new infections in all provinces are declining with small waves and clusters.

-On the global situation, as many countries are opening up and international travel is on the rise, there is also a rise in new cases, particularly in the US, India, France, Brazil, as well as Germany, but this development was foreseen and remains under control.

-The meeting noted that Thailand is approaching the “post-pandemic stage”, and in this context, the Prime Minister reiterated the importance of universal prevention and vaccination.

-The number of date has been reduced from seven to five days of quarantine.

-Even with the re-opening and relaxing of measures, we should continue to observe universal prevention to ensure that we can move forward safely to the post-pandemic stage all together.

  1. Post-Pandemic Plan

-At the meeting this morning, the Ministry of Public Health explained the plan they have drafted and prepared for the country’s transition to the post-Pandemic stage.

-In specific terms, this transition stage begins in September – October 2022, during which the focus of our public health effort will continue to monitor new variants of concern, and to ensure that everyone can access COVID-19 medical treatments and medication.

-In November – December 2022, measures will be further relaxed, and our COVID-19 response will shift back to normal mechanism.

-The Government’s vision for a post-Pandemic Thailand is one where everyone is able to live safely with the virus and return to life and our regular routines, a return in effect to normalcy.

  1. APEC

-In this month of August, where we are seeing a steady increase of tourists – part of this influx also comprises delegations attending the APEC meetings, which are going into high gear to prepare for the November Leaders Summit.

-APEC has been proactive with regional COVID efforts. In fact, APEC endorsed a proposal to set up a portal for information on latest measures on APEC economies and acceptance of vaccination certificates. (PRD)

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