Thailand to produce one million face masks daily to tackle shortage


BANGKOK – The government will conduct investigation from retailers to manufactures to determine the cause of face mask shortage in an attempt to solve this problem, said Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha.

According to initial information, he said more than one million face masks are produced daily. About 300,000 pieces are sold to the public health ministry for distribution to medical personnel at state-run hospitals and shops of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization.

The government will probe over the rest of 700,000 face masks to find out where they are sent to or whether the disappearance of the face masks is related to hoarding or exporting to other countries.

The premier said the government is trying to curb the face mask prices at 2.50 baht apiece.

However, he said raw materials have to be imported from China, Taiwan and Indonesia and every country also needs face masks for protection.

He then ordered the Board of Investment (BOI) to consider the feasibility to expand face mask manufacturing factories and to produce raw materials domestically.