Thailand overhauls education system

A student does homework in the canteen of a high school in the Chinatown area of Bangkok on June 18, 2015. AFP PHOTO / Nicolas ASFOURI (Photo by NICOLAS ASFOURI / AFP)

Parliament spent the final day of its latest session discussing three draft laws to do with the development of education and related innovations, with all agreeing the focus should be on bettering the Thai education system.

The first of three bills was on promoting the utilization of research and innovation, having already passed its second and third readings. The objective of the legislation is to see research and innovation put to beneficial use and to support investment in state agencies conducting research pertinent to the nation’s economy.

The second bill was the national education act, which was outlined by Minister of Education Trinuch Thienthong. She stated that the thrust of the bill is to help students and teachers at all stages to achieve levels of expertise, and be able to apply their lessons to daily life. The act would modify teaching methodologies to better suit students and implement a proactive teaching approach focused on discourse. The management of schools would also be adapted to allow teachers to focus on classroom duties. Most present in Parliament agreed with the draft’s intent of enhancing important aspects of Thai education.

The final bill was a learning promotion act to improve access to learning for all, providing opportunities for people to better their skills and areas of expertise. It includes a section on providing schooling to school-age individuals without primary schooling. (NNT)