Nigel wins after a late course change to Emerald Golf Club

Winner Nigel Henson with Phil Davies presenting.

PSC Links Golf Society
Friday, Sept. 17
Emerald Golf Club

Our original booking sold out of the special vouchers before we had a chance to buy some, but we were then quoted a price that was way out of this world compared to the currently low prices at much better courses than this one.

After trying three courses to get a late booking as a replacement, it was Emerald that was able to accommodate us at the tee time we wanted.

The Nick Faldo layout is always commented on favourably by golfers playing here the first time and, in the case of three players, it was their first time today.

The course is in quite good condition but, as expected, the fairways were damp and soft with absolutely no run available. There has been some attempt to cut the rough, but recent rains are making that job difficult. However, unlike some courses, one could actually find the ball easily, even if hitting it out was a task. The greens have recently been sanded, but the rain has allowed them to settle down by now.

Nigel Henson was disappointed to miss Wednesday’s game due to an appointment, but made the most of the opportunity Friday. Nigel was one of those playing here for the first time and will be happy to get back. His winning score of 34 points doesn’t sound great, but under the circumstances is worth much more.

Alan Penny is a fairly steady golfer and making pars on the last three holes helped him to a decent score of 32 points for second place.

One surprise came when Petur Petursson mentioned that this was also his first time at the course. He has been around for a long time but never made it here. By scoring 31 points for third place, he just missed the hat trick of wins. His game relies on getting some run, so he has done well again.

Winners at Emerald
1st Place – Nigel Henson (18) – 34 pts
2nd Place – Alan Penny (14) – 32 pts
3rd Place – Petur Petursson (5) – 31 pts

The day produced plenty of white cloud cover, but never a threat of rain. A nice breeze all day kept conditions comfortable.

There were few players at the course and, even though there were a couple of groups ahead of our trio of three balls, all had an unimpeded run for a pleasant eighteen holes.