Thai cabinet orders seafood feast to boost consumers’ confidence

Minister Anucha Nakasai said the cabinet feasted on seafood dishes proving that it is safe for consumption.

Bangkok – The government is trying to restore consumer confidence in seafood products, following the discovery of a large COVID-19 cluster linked to a seafood market. Seafood dishes will be served at lunch at the Cabinet’s meeting tomorrow, to remind consumers of the safety of seafood.

A Minister attached to the Office of the Prime Minister ’s Office Anucha Nakasai has disclosed the Cabinet enjoyed seafood dishes for lunch at last Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting, with several seafood dishes offered on the menu of each Cabinet member.

These seafood dishes will have shrimp, squid, fish, and crab as main ingredients. They will be sourced directly from the sea and be fully cooked.

Mr Anucha said seafood items are safe for consumption, and asked the public to consume more seafood, especially shrimps and prawns, while reassuring them that COVID-19 does not spread through food items, but rather human to human.

He has advised members of the public to keep themselves fit, wash hands frequently, and wear a mask every time they go out, stressing that the love, unity, and cooperation of all Thai people will help everyone get through this crisis together. (NNT)