Thai cabinet approves 24 extra special holidays for 2021

Chinese New Year’s Day is among the 24 special holidays approved by the cabinet for 2021.

Bangkok  – A meeting of cabinet ministers has approved 24 special holidays for next year. They are divided into national and regional holidays, aimed at stimulating economic growth and tourism. Although the government has not imposed inter-provincial travel restrictions, strict public health measures will be taken.

The Culture Minister, Ittipol Khunpluem, said today that the 24 extra holidays will not be observed as public holidays, so as to bring benefits to the economy and the administration during the COVID-19 situation. In addition to national holidays, regional holidays are also being added for the first time in the country. They are in accordance with each region’s cultural events and festivities. A further assessment will follow. Regional holidays may be included in 2022, if the feedback is positive.

February 12, which marks the Chinese New Year’s Day, is one of the special holidays. This is the first time that the Chinese New Year’s Day has been declared a holiday in Thailand. In addition, April 12 has been added to the Thai New Year, or Songkran.

The government will have to make an announcement at the beginning of 2021, so that business operators and members of the public will have time to plan a trip or arrange other activities.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, has urged people to avoid all nonessential travel. There are no inter-provincial travel restrictions, but people have to strictly follow public health measures and register with the Thai Chana and Mor Chana applications to facilitate disease control. (NNT)