Speeding car strikes 2 Nakhon Pathom students crossing busy street

Passersby tend to one of two students from the College of Dramatic Arts hit by a speeding car in Nakhon Pathom.

Two drama students were injured after being struck by a car while crossing a busy street in Nakhon Pathom.

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Patcha Kumku and Pawinee Sangsiri, both 16, remained in comas at two hospitals in the central province following the Sept. 23 accident outside the Bunditpatanasilpa Institute’s College of Dramatic Arts.

Chatakorn Huadying, driver of the Toyota Viso, didn’t have the spirit to see the injured students.

The girls and another vocational student were using a pedestrian crossing when a speeding Toyota Vios overtaking over cars slammed into them. Patcha, in a coma, remained in critical condition with brain swelling. Pawinee sustained minor injuries as the third student pulled her away from the speeding car.

Driver Chatakorn Huadying, 41, has not yet been charged as Patcha remains unconscious. However, police pulled his dashcam video footage that clearly showed him overtaking other cars near the school.

The impact was great enough to cause heavy damage to the car.